November Goals

November Goals

Where the heck did October go guys?! I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown and that there is only 2 months left of 2017. October wasn’t a great month in the sense of achieving my goals as I just seemed to be so busy with work and life in general. So let’s recap on what my goals were for October.

Spend a Sunday scheduling and writing.Β I am actually quite proud of the fact that I hit all of my scheduled posts this month bar one as I didn’t read much at all this month to write up the post.

Have more me time.Β I didn’t do this as much as I’d liked to have but I did get some me time in. I have put into my week set days of just taking some time out for me in a nice relaxing bath or whatever I’d like to do for me.

Visit my best friend more.Β Due to work and life we didn’t manage to see each other as much but we did manage to see each other a couple of times. Why is it you plan to do things and then, bam, life, illness or whatever else happens haha!!

Overall October was a good month for my blog but not so good for life, will this month be a little calmer?

November I think I want to focus on life a bit more than my blog, as in spending more time with some family and friends rather than needing to write for my blog. So my goals for this month are….

See my best friend at least once a week. It is going to be done this month and I will be definitely making the effort to see her.

Start Christmas shopping. I love Christmas shopping so will this definitely be getting started this month. A wierd goal, maybe, but if I don’t set it as a goal, no one will be getting anything.

Sort out my clothes. Me and L always buy each other new clothes for Christmas so I want to go through and get rid of some of my older clothes and the clothes that don’t fit anymore.

I think those are very nice goals for this month and I am just genuinely looking forward to the festive-ness start and my Birthday to come!!

What are your goals for the month?



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