Halloween Cupcakes

I love baking and when a certain holiday or occasion is coming up what better time to bake something exciting.

As we all know Halloween is tomorrow!! So I thought this year I was going to bake some Halloween inspired cupcakes. They didn’t exactly come out like they were supposed to but they look really cute.


As you can see I used a Tesco Halloween kit and also the Ghosts are supposed to be ‘3D’ but didn’t turn out that way.

All you need is:

30g melted butter

1 medium egg

120ml milk

Cake mix

It took me about 5/10 mins to mix it all together, it was actually a pretty smooth mixture and then it took 12/15 mins to bake in on oven set to 180 degrees.

While they baked I mixed together the icing, for this all you needed was:

100g butter

1 teaspoon milk

Icing Mixture

I honestly don’t know whether it is just me or anyone else has this problem but it doesn’t matter if I follow the instructions to the dot, the icing never goes right. It was very runny so like I said they didn’t come out like they were supposed to. Once I iced all the cakes after they cooled down and then used a black icing pen to do the faces and writing.


How cute do the little ghost faces look? I haven’t actually tasted one yet but I’m sure they are going to be delicious, actually I might make a cuppa and have one now.

Do you make cupcakes specifically for occasions or holidays?



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