Pumpkin Carving

Halloween is fast approaching us and the one thing I have loved doing the past few years is Pumpkin Carving. I’m not majorly artistic when it comes to carving like some pictures I have seen but I’m not terrible. This year I thought I would share with you my Pumpkin Carving and what I came up with this year.



The first thing I always do is draw out what I want to do on them in marker pen so I know where I am carving to. As you can see I went with a Bat and the traditional Pumpkin Face.




I then cut the tops out so that I can take out all the insides, I always find this part a bit gross. I stuck rubber gloves on to do it though so I was okay, I am always amazed by how many seeds are in there.



Then it was time to carve out the designs I decided on. I must admit I found this easier than I was expecting it to be as in the past I found it really hard to do. I think because I carved it in sections and popped a bit out it made it easier. To carve I just used a standard kitchen knife.



I then tidied it up a bit and put some tea lights in and lit them. How awesome do these look!! They are sitting pride of place on my kitchen table facing out of the window. I think you can actually see them from the road as we live on a main road, lots of people will see them.

Have you ever carved a pumpkin?



7 thoughts on “Pumpkin Carving

  1. These look brilliant!!!
    I’m rubbish at carving pumpkins, last time I tried was in my uni halls! They looked alright but we all forgot about them when we went home for the half term holidays, came back to a really bad smelling flat and mouldy pumpkins on the window sillπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ I haven’t been able to do one since hahaha x


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