Saturday Night Outfit

I haven’t been on a night for a very long time and so I literally planned out 4 outfits as I had no idea what to wear, does anyone else do that? I didn’t know if I wanted to go smart casual, casual or really dressed up. I tried on all of them so that my Mum and sister could help me decide and this is what I decided on…


This outfit was so comfortable and I thought it was quite rocky, what do you think? I also really love the look of ripped jeans like this and the shoes just pulled it all together. What I also loved about this outfit was that I could really embrace the fact that I am quite curvy.

Checked Shirt – Boohoo

Bodysuit – Boohoo

Jeans – Boohoo

Shoes – New Look Sale

What do you think of this outfit?



11 thoughts on “Saturday Night Outfit

  1. YES YES YES!! I’m exactly the same when it comes to choosing an outfit for a night out, I’m a bloody nightmare when it comes to getting ready!!

    In regards to the outfit…I love it!!!!
    I’m obsessed with boohoo, I’ll definitely be adding those jeans to my wish list!!
    Hope you had a good night

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    1. It takes me ages but I like to be comfortable and look nice at the same time! Boohoo is always my go to for any clothes lately, they’re just so reasonably priced! It was a really good night, laughed so much!!

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  2. This outfit looks great on you!!
    Definitely a rock/grunge vibe there. You can always rely on boohoo for some great pieces. Hope you enjoyed your night.

    Faye Jessica |

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    1. Thank you!! Yeah when I looked in the mirror I thought rock vibes, Boohoo is definitely the best for it!! It ended up being a really enjoyable night!!


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