My Skincare Routine


I’ve always had trouble with my skin as it is very dry and is very sensitive so trying to find a good routine has always been difficult. I need to be able to use something that will refresh and hydrate my skin.

As you will see I have 2 different routines, one for the mornings and one for the evenings. My morning routine is for quickness as I get up early for work and want my routine to be quick and easy. Then in the evenings I use a few more products to really clean my skin. So here are the products:


For the morning as you can see I use Simple Micellar Water as it is very hydrating for my skin and very gentle. I just use a cotton pad and gently wipe it all over my skin then once my skin has absorbed it, I use the Vitamin E Day Moisturiser from The Body Shop. This is very soft and gentle on the skin and I want to say is quite velvety to touch. These are so easy to use and is great for quickness in the morning.


For the night time then I use the full Vitamin E range to give my skin a good clean. I have an exfoliator brush that I use to make sure the product is worked in. I first apply the Cream Cleanser and rub it all into my face and then wipe it all off with a cotton pad. Then I add some Toner to a cotton pad and wipe this all over my face, it is actually quite surprising how much your skin goes through in a day and always looks so much cleaner. Then once it has all been absorbed I put on the Night Moisturiser and let that soak in overnight. My skin always looks so refreshed and hydrated afterwards.


Also twice a week I use the Mask of Magnaminty face mask to give my skin a bit of pampering plus I love the smell of this. I have always used this for a long time now when it comes to masks, it is definitely my favourite to use. I usually put this on before I get in the bath and leave it on until I get out which is usually about 10/15 mins. After I wash it off with warm water my skin looks brand new.

Have you used any of these products?



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