My Favourite Palettes

My Favourite Palettes

It’s been a long time since I have done a make up/beauty related post and today I thought I would change that.

I don’t really use a lot of make up daily as it really affects my skin, I break out terribly, but I do use it when we have a special occasion, date night or going out. I’m not an expert when I do my make up but I do try my best. When doing my make up I always have my go to palettes for both day and night, so I thought I would share those with you.



First up are my W7 In The Night and Colour Me Buff as you can see one is a more night time palette and the other is a more day time palette. I have found when using these the pigment is amazing and has lasted the whole night or day. I tend to do a smokey eye when I use them but I would like to experiment more with them in the future.


Next up then are my MUA palettes and these are always my go to for anything. These are Glitter Ball, Starry Night and Undress Me Too, as you can see I go for pretty similar shades. I love the silver shades in Starry Night and I am yet to use that turquoise shade in Glitter Ball, just not sure if I am brave enough to use it. Again these are the same as the W7 palettes pigment wise and have really great pigment, also they really do last a long time.

There you go, my favourite go to palettes, I might start actually using them more and sharing some looks with you.

Do you have any favourite palettes?



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