Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal: September

I’m a bit ashamed of the fact I haven’t used my Bullet Journal for a while and what with Christmas coming I would like to start getting organised. I can be organised when I want to be but I can also be very unorganised so it’s time to change that.

I’m not a majorly artistic person so I have gone with a nice simple weekly layout and monthly layout. I need to get in the habit of sitting down in the evening and getting a to do list ready for the following day. I think I might try and be a bit more artistic with next month though as Halloween is next month, it would be fun to incorporate that into it.

I have taken out my habit tracker now as I was just not using it and I suck at keeping up habits which I need to also change. I also took out daily pages as I felt better using weekly rather than daily. I do love the fact with Bullet Journalling you can swap and change what you want to use and not use, it’s definitely something I would recommend. I will leave you with pictures now of my pages.




Do you use a Bullet Journal?



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