September Goals

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Seriously guys, where is this year going?! I can’t believe we are in September already which, I don’t if this is true for anyone else, means it is the start of Autumn.

Last month I did really well in achieving my goals so lets see how I done!!

Try and read at least 3 books this month. I actually managed to achieve this and then some. I seem to go through a slump during the middle of the year, I don’t know why as I love reading. I managed to read 5 books through August and you can see those books in my August Books post. I’ve also nearly finished my 20 books challenge on Goodreads so might end up upping my challenge to 25 before the end of the month.

Try and comment on at least 3 blog posts. I have actually done so well at this. I joined a Blog group chat on Twitter with some fantastic ladies and a group chat where we can share our latest posts to comment on and like. So I have been commenting on blog posts a lot more over the past few weeks.

Try and have 2 date nights or days out. This didn’t happen at all through August which is slightly annoying as me and L haven’t really had much time together at all. As it’s the Summer Holidays L tends to be very busy so doesn’t get a lot of time off. Hopefully now school is starting again he shouldn’t be as busy and we can have some date nights.

How did you do last month?

This month I wasn’t sure what I would like to achieve as I like to set goals that go with what I plan on doing through the month. So I sat staring out my window and thought about what I would like to achieve, this is what I came up with.

Use Instastories every day. I have kind of lost inspiration for vlogging on YouTube so thought to try and gain some inspiration I would use Instastories. I have some pretty cool stuff happening this month so why not share it with you there. If you would like to see it all for yourself why not check out my Instagram.

Read 5 books. I have been doing really well with reading again so I’d like to read another 5 books, even though I may need to buy some more or just re-read some.

Get a better morning and night routine. I have really sucked at having a decent morning and night routine so I really need to get better at it. Once I have got a better routine and I’m sticking to it I will share the routine with you.

As each month passes and I seem to actually be achieving my goals, I am getting more and more motivated to do well. So let’s get September started!!

Do you have any goals for this month?



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