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The past couple of months I went through a bit of a slump on the reading front but during August I actually read quite a few books.

I finally finished all my fiction books and started on some of my autobiographies now. I must say I do find autobiographies such easy reads and I seem to be getting through them quite quickly.

I’m not great at writing my thoughts about books so will try my best at doing it, so let’s see what I read.


After You – Jojo Moyes I really enjoyed this book and it was such a mix of emotions while reading it. As you can see it is the sequel to Me Before You and that had me in tears at the end. This one didn’t have me crying but was so interesting to ‘watch’ her deal with her grief. She started off very self destructive but as you get further through you can see she is learning to deal with her grief. I have really found a love for Jojo Moyes and her books will definitely have a firm place on my shelves.

Sweet Rosie O’Grady – Joan Jonker This book has been sat on my shelf for ages and is actually quite an old book which I got from my Mum. I really enjoyed this as it is set during World War 2 and I love anything to do with the War. It was a very easy read as it was quite an up beat story of families and friends coming together during tough times. The only thing I found with this story was, that it wasn’t really solely about Rosie O’Grady which I expected from the title, but I enjoyed it none the less.


Me Me Me – Charlotte Crosby As you can see from the picture I am a big fan of Geordie Shore so it’s only normal that I have their books. So I started with Charlotte, I liked how she set this up as it wasn’t set as a run of the mill autobiography. She just wrote about different events that happened that were important to her. Some of the things were so funny and I just couldn’t believe some of the stories were true. I just have to get her updated version now to read.

Not Quite A Geordie – Holly Hagan This was quite a surprising read as from what you see on the tv, you would never think she went through it all. She has definitely had the toughest journey before and during Geordie Shore and I just hope that it gets easier for her.

Gaz (And My Parsnip) – Gary Beadle I must say as much of a fan as I am, I didn’t really enjoy this at all. I felt like he was just bragging about all these women he claims to have been with and that was more or less the theme of the book. It was like you would have these moments happen and then he would just go back to bragging, so was a bit frustrating to read to be honest.

As I said I am not great at writing my thoughts about books so I hope this was ok and will be doing more posts like this.

Have you read any of these books?



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