Things To Do When Travelling Alone

Travelling alone is one of those things that seems to trigger my anxiety, I don’t know why as I love travelling, especially on the train. I love sitting next to the window and just watching the world go by, there’s always really pretty views to.

The other day I had an opportunity to travel long distance by myself due to the fact I had to leave once I had finished work. Don’t get me wrong this wasn’t easy to do as I did have a little panic beforehand but once on the train I was fine. This is where a blog post idea popped into my head and thought why not share with you what things kept me occupied while I was travelling by myself and kept my anxiety at bay.


Reading – If you are an avid reader like me this will be the most common option when travelling. I brung 2 books with me as I was actually at the end of reading Holly Hagans’ autobiography so also brought Gary Beadles’ as well. It was quite surprising how quickly the journey went with my head stuck in a book and I did manage to finish Hollys’ book. What are your favourite reads when travelling?


Audiobooks – This is another good option as instead of having your head in a book, you can put your headphones on, play your book and just watch the world go by. I am currently listening to Bridget Jones and was such an easy listen while I travelled. It also meant I didn’t miss out on the view. What do you think of audiobooks?


Music – Of course you can always put together a little journey playlist that you can listen to during your entire journey. I haven’t really been listening to anything in particular but I really enjoy Disney songs as most of them are very cheery so keep you from overthinking. What is your favourite playlist?


Writing – On the 2nd train I had to catch I decided  to grab a table seat, sit by the window and write this post, well a draft of this post anyway. I actually felt like a proper professional blogger, sitting on a train, writing away, I really enjoyed it. It definitely kept my mind occupied and I wasn’t over thinking anything. I did find I was trying to type really quietly though so I didn’t annoy anyone else in the carriage. Do you enjoy writing on the train or travelling in general?


Netflix – I don’t know whether I would have done this but I kept it as an option as it was a long journey. You could either watch a film or catch up on a series you have wanted to watch for ages. If I did watch anything on Netflix I would’ve watched some more Orphan Black but I am watching that with Llewellyn, so I would’ve opted for either The Vampire Diaries or a film. What would you choose?

So these were the things I did, other than Netflix, while travelling by myself and it really did help me keep the anxiety at bay.

What things do you do when travelling alone?



7 thoughts on “Things To Do When Travelling Alone

    1. Ooo I didn’t think of taking photos’, that’s a good idea 🙂 especially as there were some really lovely views on the way up 🙂

      Vikki x


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