25 Years Married!!

Yesterday we arranged a meal for my Mum and Dads’ 25th Wedding Anniversary!! This was a very special occasion so we got our organisational skills out and arranged a surprise also. It had been a very secretive few weeks and had a few family meetings with the sisters about what to do!!

Chloe arranged to have a cake done which they knew about but had no idea what was going to be on it. I’m not actually sure what flavour the cake is because we let her have free reign with making it. It was a family friend who made it so we know it is going to be delicious as all her previous cakes we’ve had have been fantastic.


When they seen the cake they absolutely loved it and I must say this must be my favourite photo from their wedding! They just look so happy to have got married and 25 years later they still look as happy.

The main surprise was that me, Lauren and Llewellyn arranged for them to spend the night in the hotel!! That way they could have a drink and enjoy their night without worrying about having to drive home, Mum always usually drives. Earlier in the day though me and Llewellyn checked them in and we made up a little surprise for them. We set up some balloons, a banner and Mum and Dads’ favourite drinks with glasses.




What was funny though and what we didn’t click onto was that the room they were staying in was room 25, I mean you couldn’t get more coincidental than that!!


We then enjoyed a beautiful meal and a few drinks then ended the night with them cutting the cake, just like they did on their wedding day!



They absolutely loved their day and night!! They also really loved what we had set up in their room and couldn’t thank us enough.

It was such an amazing day and night, to see how much love there is between my parents is a wonderful thing!! Especially when I grew up and went through school it seemed to be the norm of your parents not being together. If I can get to 25 years married and still be just as in love as they are, I will be very happy and will put it down to having great role models for this.

Here is to 25 more years!!



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