August Goals


A bit late on sharing my goals but better late than never!! As always I like to set little goals for myself to get to the bigger picture at the end of the year. I have found that as the year has gone my goals have slightly changed to what they were at the beginning of the year. I think that is just because as the months have passed things have changed so I have adapted my goals to that. So let’s see how I got on last month!

First I was going to try and not spend unnecessarily. I think I did pretty well on this by making sure all bills were paid and only buying things I needed rather than things I wanted. Although I did buy a Christmas present for L so it looks like Christmas shopping is slowly beginning.

Bulk shoot Instagram pictures was the 2nd thing I wanted to achieve but I didn’t quite remember to do this. I would take pictures and then forget to have them ready for Instagram or I would start a million other things and not do it. I think I might roll this over though and try it again this month.

Lastly I wanted to hit 50 subs on YouTube and I smashed this goal amazingly!! I am now at 64 subscribers so I am really happy with that. I have been making sure I don’t miss days but unfortunately the past few days life has happened and it hasn’t been right to vlog.

This month I kind of want to relax and do some fun things so my goals are definitely set around that.

Firstly I would like to try and read at least 3 books this month as I have found I am in a bit of a reading slump so need to try and get out of that. I actually managed to hit my Goodreads goal of 15 books this year last month so decided to up it to 20 so plenty of time to achieve that.

Secondly I want to try and comment on at least 3 blog posts every other day! I want to share some love and show bloggers that I love their posts as I have let myself down in the sense that I haven’t been commenting as much lately.

Thirdly and lastly, try and have 2 date nights or days out with L as because of work we haven’t really seen much of each other lately. We have one planned to Weston as my Mum has organised a trip there so want to try and plan something else as well, whether it be a day out or date night.

So my goals are simple but that’s how I like my goals as I find I feel better about achieving them when they are easy for me to achieve.

What are your goals for the month?



6 thoughts on “August Goals

  1. You have such amazing goals! I like them, My goal was also to not spend money unnecessary and I’m kinda good at it. That and saving money for my study. My goal also was to graduate and get my drivers license. I achieved both of them so I am very pleased! Xxx

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  2. This is a brilliant idea!! I always say that I want something to happen but I never write it down or set it so I don’t achieve it!!! My partner and I try so hard to have date night but he works away so just to come home it’s 70 in fuel 💔 It’s so hard money wise but I wish we could do this, it’s so important to spend a little time together away from home xx

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    1. Yeah I find it so much easier writing my goals as I seem to actually manage to achieve them better. It is hard trying to fit date nights in sometimes hopefully it will all come together and you get to have a date night soon 🙂 xx


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