IVF Cycle 2

If you have read my previous 2 posts, Having Children? and IVF Cycle 1 you will know we have had to have IVF but unfortunately the first cycle didn’t work.


Our second cycle was the same form of IVF which was ICSI but they tried a different way of medicating me which was a lot quicker than the first time. If I hadn’t explained before ICSI is where they take both the egg and sperm and put them together to make a baby and then transfer it back. This cycle was called the Antagonist Protocol and as you will see it was a lot quicker.

We started this cycle on the 26th March where, just like the last one, I had to wait for a full bleed but it needed to be before 3pm. I then phoned the clinic first thing Monday morning and went straight in for a baseline scan and get all the medication I needed. The medication I was taking this time was Bemfola and Cetrotide, so different medication to last time. Bemfola is a new medication and they thought I would respond better to this than the Suprecur. I had to start this straight away and take it at 7.30pm every night and I actually did these injections myself. These were much easier to do as they were in a ‘pen’ form so could do them myself. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of this as we wasn’t planning on sharing our story.


I continued to take the Bemfola and then went for a scan on the 31st March to check how my follicles were doing. What was great was they could see straight away that my follicles were doing so much better and I had one at 10mm and another at 11mm, there were a few not far behind this as well. So I continued to take the Bemfola and then from the 1st April I also started Cetrotide at the same time. I had to take both these injections in the same place as last time, so either side of my belly button, alternating each night. I did find from these meds that I was very bloated and the Cetrotide made me feel quite nauseous which I didn’t feel last time.



The 3rd April I went in for another scan to check on my follicles and they were doing fantastic. I now had 2 at 14mm and quite a few at 10-12mm which showed that I was responding really well to the meds as they were growing much quicker and at a better size. From this I was on track for Egg Collection and was to continue Bemfola and Cetrotide.

I had another 2 scans after this on the 5th and 7th April to check and make sure my follicles were doing great. On the 5th scan on the 7th all my follicles were a really good size, on the left they ranged from 14-19mm and on the right they ranged from 11-15mm, altogether I had 14 which was so much better this time around. So we then had to take Ovitrelle on the 8th April at 9.15pm ready for Egg Collection on the 10th April.


I found Egg Collection very different to last time, it was exactly the same procedure, I just reacted differently to the sedation. I was booked in for 9am so had to be there at 8 ready to go with an empty bladder. We went in to the room again where they explained what was going to happen and put the canular in, which I didn’t bleed from this time. I then went into theatre and the lady put in the sedation medication. Now they only sedate you, which means you’re not unconscious and still aware of your surroundings. Last time I remember going in and then next thing I was being wheeled out. Now this time was very different, I didn’t sleep through it this time so was completely aware of what was happening. Again while I was having my eggs collected Llewellyn had to give his sample and collect my next set of medication. After it was done we then had to wait for me to eat, drink and use the toilet and then we could leave. We did take it a lot slower and easier this time so I didn’t throw up, which I never this time so I do think that helped.

While we were waiting in the recovery area the Embryologist came around and let us know that they managed to collect 15 eggs!! Now compared to last time we only had 6 so we were completely over the moon. We just had to wait then to see how they did over night.

We had the phone call the next day to say that 3 had fertilised perfectly, 2 seemed to be going to the next stage but they didn’t see them develop and the rest didn’t survive. From that she said she would phone us again Thursday and we will see when we would have transfer. Thursday came around and she let us know that 1 stopped developing but the other 2 were continuing to do well and we would have transfer on Saturday at 12pm.

For this procedure I had to have a full bladder and Llewellyn could come into theatre with me. First we went into a room where she told us about our baby that was being transferred. As you can see from the picture below it had really developed much better than last time. She said from this it proves that we can make a baby and what was even better was that she said she could see it was starting to slightly hatch, which is what it needs to do to implant. We were absolutely over the moon and so excited as it all seemed to be going in a positive direction.

20317019_10213678660667524_1800910000_o (1)

Then came the dreaded 2 weeks of waiting to test and during this time I had to take Lubion twice a day which is a progesterone injection which is to help implantation. I didn’t really feel any symptoms at all which made me think it hadn’t worked to be honest. Unfortunately when it came round to testing it was negative but my period hadn’t arrived so I continued the Lubion and done another test on Monday. It was definitely negative and we had another miscarriage.

As you can see from this post it was a lot quicker compared to the Long Protocol and you can see that I responded much better this time around. They were very different treatments but it does show that anything can happen even if you seem to be doing well with it.

On Friday I am going to talk about what and how my feelings were throughout both the cycles and what my feelings are now. Then that will be the end of my IVF posts and if/when it happens again I will definitely blog along the way!!



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    1. Thank you! It is hard to work through initially but I think you do end up accepting it as there are so many options out there for us whether that be IVF, adoption or surrogacy x

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