Living Above A Pub!!

As you know a few months ago we moved to a new flat which happens to be above the pub L works in! I love this flat as it so much bigger and it’s closer to my best friend!

The view I have nearby

With living above the pub though I get asked a lot of questions like, is it noisy? do you eat downstairs all the time? So the beer garden is your garden? and the list goes on. So this sparked a blog post idea on my thoughts about living above a pub, enjoy!!

Can they hear me singing along to Disney songs?

Actually, can they hear me singing to any song?

‘While exercising’ Am I making to much noise?

I wonder if anyone I know is downstairs?

Will people judge me for taking my laptop downstairs?

I must look like such an important person typing away at my laptop!?

What’s that smell?

That smells delicious!!

Wonder if L will bring me some food up?

Reading this I love all my thoughts revolve around singing, eating and blogging!! I didn’t ever expect myself to live above a pub but I really like it and can’t wait for all the memories to come from this adventure.

Have you guys ever lived above a pub or know someone who does?



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