Frozen & The Experimenter

Lately I have been stocking up on bath bombs, especially ones I haven’t used before, and thought I would share what I thought of them with you. I’m not doing a post every week on them as I pamper myself with a nice bath bomb, face mask, etc. every Sunday so I thought I would do 2 in one post each time, so here is what I thought of Frozen and The Experimenter.



This smelt beautiful and really couldn’t wait to use it. In this bath bomb it has Rose Oil, Grapefruit Oil and Neroli Oil, the Grapefruit Oil is ‘uplifting and refreshing’, the Rose Oil is ‘balancing and restorative’ and the Neroli Oil is ‘uplifting and toning’. I think that was the perfect combination for this bath bomb, it was so soothing and relaxing.



As you can see from the pictures above it turned the water a beautiful, blue and it was also so glittery. L doesn’t like it when I have glittery ones as it does leave a layer of glitter on the bottom of the bath once the water is gone, but a little clean and its fine.

I loved this bath bomb and will definitely be repurchasing.

The Experimenter


Again this is a bath bomb is one I haven’t used before and was excited to use it, especially after seeing pictures on Instagram from people who have used this before. The thing I found interesting about this was that it had Popping Candy as one of the ingredients and took me straight to my childhood of when I used to eat it. The fact it has Vanilla Absolute so that is has a comforting scent was nice especially when you want a relaxing bath time.



As you can see it turned my water a beautiful green, it kind of reminded me of a mermaid green. I’m sure Lush just love adding glitter to everything, which I can’t complain as I love glitter. My skin after using this was so soft, it was the softest its been in a long time.

There you have it that is what I thought of Frozen and The Experimenter. I’m definitely going to repurchase these 2 again as they are really great to use for relaxing and for the benefits for your skin.

Have you used these bath bombs before?



4 thoughts on “Frozen & The Experimenter

    1. Thanks for reading! It really is isn’t it, it’s straight on my re-purchase list πŸ™‚ I will definitely be checking out your blog πŸ™‚


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