Classic Vanilla Cupcakes


One of the things I want to do this year is to bake a lot more with fresh ingredients rather than mixes, so I bought myself a little book with baking recipes in to get myself to do it. It is a little book with 150 recipes from Wilkinsons and I plan on baking twice I week, also I have given myself the challenge of baking all 150 recipes.

So here is baking recipe number one, Classic Vanilla Cupcakes.


First thing I did was weigh out the flour, butter and caster sugar:

175g Self Raising Flour

175g Butter

175g Caster Sugar


I then put the butter and sugar in the bowl and mixed it together until pale and creamy.

I then gradually beat in 3 eggs, 1tsp Vanilla extract and then added the flour.


I then divided the mixture between these cute cases and baked them for 15 – 20 minutes at 180 degrees. I left them for 20 minutes to bake to make sure they were done and it was the perfect amount of time.


I then put 150g butter, 3 tbsp milk, 1 tsp vanilla extract and 300g icing sugar into a bowl and mixed all that together to make the frosting, while the cakes cooled.


I then iced all the cupcakes and had quite a bit of icing left over so I probably could have made more to use up the icing.

I then finished them off with some chocolate sprinkles.


I have missed baking so much and really enjoyed baking them. The smell of the baking just reminded me of that and I can’t wait to bake more.

Of course I have tried one and they taste really nice, the frosting is so nice and the vanilla flavouring to it makes it so delicious.

I hope you enjoyed this first baking post of the year and I hope you will enjoy the many more baking posts that will come up this year.

Do you enjoy baking?



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